By Jake Nichol.

Labour have starting making inroads in to Scotland, suggesting they are growing in strength, as the night winds on.

Labour are quietly confident of securing seats in Glasgow, despite down-playing expectations at the start of polling day.

James Cairney, at the Glasgow East count confirmed that “things weren’t good” at the end of campaigning. Now however Labour claimed the scalps of nearby Rutherglen and Hamilton West from the SNP.

Making inroads in Scotland is absolutely crucial for Labour to have any hope of winning the election, and claiming its first victory north of the border is sure to boost the party’s morale.

Gerard Killen managed to overturn a 9,975 SNP majority in the constituency just south of Glasgow, to win the seat with 19,101 votes which equates to just 265 votes, with 37.5% of the vote.

The Conservatives increased their share of the vote by 12%, but were still lagging nearly by nearly double their 9,941 votes.