By Inês Linhares Dias.

Labour took Battersea from the Conservatives – a seat that has consistently elected the winning party since 1987. And soon the Labour leadership was calling for May’s head.

They overturned the majority for Tory Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Jane Ellison.

This was the first major seat that Labour took from the Conservatives.

The Conservative MP held the seat since 2010.

It is also the first bellwether seat Labour has secured in tonight’s vote, after losing Nuneaton to the Tories, that held 51,6% of the votes, against Labour’s 41,3%.

Labour also gained Rutherglen & Hamilton West from the SNP in Scotland, with a slim majority of 265 votes, and his expected to take at least two other seats.

The SNP is predicted to hold a majority, but it is expected to drop from 56 seats to 34.

This is shaping up to be a really bad night for Theresa May.

Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, said: “May is  a damaged PM and may never recover”. Jeremy Corbyn re-asserted the need for May to resign

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is taking a more cautious road, but he has claimed that “whatever the final result, our positive campaign has changed politics for the better”.