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We travel to Berlin and the 'British Shorts' film festival to find out how UoB has got involved in this celebration of British filmmaking in Europe's capital of cool.

'Oh Syria, My Syria'

RTS nominated documentary from Jordan's refugee camps

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It’s all about immigration

By Inês Linhares Dias The immigration issue has gained prominence with the Brexit campaign and as this General Election is all about Brexit, naturally each party’s take on immigration will...

The campaign and Labour reborn

Adrian Leibowitz When Theresa May announced this snap general election on April 18, she wanted a Brexit election, one that was going to consolidate and increase her Commons majority ahead...

Home Secretary Amber Rudd could be in danger of losing her Hastings seat

By Adrian Leibowitz Amber Rudd, who stood in for Theresa May in the television debate, has scraped back in Hastings after a recount. She had a 5000 majority but there...

UKIP declare Brexit in jeopardy as exit poll anounced

By Inês Linhares Dias. Tonight’s vote will shape how Britain approaches the Brexit negotiations. Although frequently overshadowed in this election, Brexit is the single most important issue facing Britain today....

Terrorism threatening Democracy

By Inês Linhares Dias Over the past three months, Britain has fallen victim to three terrorist attacks, the last two of which came right before the general elections and might...

Battersea was the beginning…

By Inês Linhares Dias. Labour took Battersea from the Conservatives – a seat that has consistently elected the winning party since 1987. And soon the Labour leadership was calling for...

Labour regains hope in Scotland

By Jake Nichol. Labour have starting making inroads in to Scotland, suggesting they are growing in strength, as the night winds on. Labour are quietly confident of securing seats in...

Liberal Democrats fail to make the breakthrough challenging Brexit

By Jake Nichol The Liberal Democrats centred their election campaign around the biggest question of our times, Brexit. But it did not precipitate the breakthrough they had desired. The night...

Labour sees off threat to the North

By Jake Nichol. Labour has held on to the first two seats declared in the election seeing off the Tory threat for now, to their northern heartlands. The first two...